music for optimists

Smart Mix Tape – a boutique cassette label for optimists
Mood is UP!

Smart Mix Tape was setup to release the work of producer Tigersonic and the musicians and vocalist she collaborates with, it is based around a private underground studio in London N7 – a hub for non mainstream global and emerging artists.

Driving bass lines thread through the main flavours of Electronic, Dubsmash and Global Bass, served with a sprinkling of exotic guest vocals and world music.

if smart mix tape was a perfume

Let it transport you to a world of luminous overtones of tiger orchid and grassy top notes, throbbing with driving bass notes, where you can forget your troubles and dive into the divine.

if smart mix tape was a car

its body would be curvacious and sleek
with bass speakers on the bonnet
inside it would have faux tiger skin upholstery and a walnut dashboard
it would have an invisibility shield

if smart mix tape was city

its trains would be overground and underground at the same time
Poets would read poems in the tube
Every Street would have home-grown public artworks.
Food banks would be replenished by Waitrose and Sainsburys.
The homeless would live in requisitioned accommodation.